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Were you born in the early 80s or early 90s? Does the sight of a freckled ginger child remind you of the paranormal? Does the mere mention of a lighthouse get a song stuck in your head? If so, you may have been exposed to dangerous levels of the children’s television program “Round the Twist”. Join Accredited Australians Aaron Costello and Gabriel Morton on a quest to rewatch the whole series and finally answer if they have, in fact, ever felt like this.


October 15, 2021

Know All

What happens when Four Non Blondes breaches containment? Can an infected blonde be our chance at a cure? Should we acknowledge clowns as non-human persons? We answer none of these questions, but in our defence a horny clown made of straw is a bit of a distraction. The Twists are possessed by the spirits of a carnival that died in a shipwreck and also a lady clown who died in completely different circumstances because carnival folk all share a single pulsating biosoul that screams to me from beyond the veil.
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September 17, 2021

Lucky Lips

In this heart-throbbing instalment, your Accredited Australians, Aaron and Gabe, do all they can to work out the difference between mind control and seduction. What does a teenage boy do when he’s unlucky in love? Well, if your name is Pete Twist and your erotic fantasies involve a cowboy costume and an alley, you accept some petrified chap stick from an Australian carnie guaranteed to drive the females wild. Magical lipstick that makes women kiss you? What is this, a hentai? The number of times adult women make out with underage boys in this episode indicates that yes, it is.
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August 30, 2021


In this culturally significant instalment, your Accredited Australians, Aaron and Gabe, peer through an incredibly Australian lens to view incredibly Australian pastimes: racing animals that can’t race and possibly racist depictions of Asians. What’s faster, a toad or the speed at which your cosmopolitan upbringing cringes at a Japanese guy delightedly photographing a naked boy? Too late, you’re on a list. On the plus side, we find out what it takes to actually kill an Australian toad, whether or not you should scream at a teenage girl about shrivelling, and that our fans are depressing abominations.
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July 30, 2021

The Gum Leaf War

This week, your Accredited Australians, Gabriel and Aaron, have to make a confession. Playing “Wild Colonial Boy” on a gum leaf will spread pain, just not by transmitting injuries. Everything else we say about this country is 100% true, though. Either way, this episode sees Linda take out her body dysmorphia in typical girl fashion: committing war crimes with forbidden weapons in nitrous oxide fuelled drug hallucinations. We think Teen Vogue did a whole issue on it. Speaking of issues, our listeners send us more stories, the kind that make us wish we didn’t have listeners.
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July 2, 2021

Santa Claws

What do you get when you combine David Lynch, David Cronenberg, and some of Australia's finest winos? Witness your Accredited Australians, Aaron Twist and Gabriel also Twist, as they put the halves of a brain they each have toward solving this baffling conundrum. The Two Daves' influence is felt everywhere, as the Twist family fail to learn a lesson from a wish-granting Santa monster, and pack a flashback into a dream sequence into a podcast blurb dear god how do I escape.
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June 9, 2021

The Spaghetti Pigout

What features time freezing, force feeding, and stomach inflation but isn’t a pornographic Japanese cartoon? Why, it’s today’s episode of Round the Twist, “The Spaghetti Pigout”. Your abandoned Twists, Aaron and Gabriel, take a purely platonic look at how the dangerous new fad “elec-tricity” can turn the harmless VCR remote into a tool of really quite imaginable power. Thrill as the ABC effects department uses the fast forward button! Marvel as Gabriel struggles to tell two feral children apart! Shriek as Aaron points out some of Australia’s most frightening uggos! Cringe at stories from our listeners! It’s all here because nowhere else would take it.

Write to us at ihavefeltlikethis@yahoo.com

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May 20, 2021

The Cabbage Patch Fib

In a timely episode, our Accredited Australians learn why you should never rely on the withdrawal method when making sweet love to cabbages. For starters, the Cabbage Dimension finds the whole thing extremely rude, and also because children like Bronson get left raising green babies that a worrying amount of authority figures believe to be biologically his. Speaking of infants born screaming into the world, Gabriel Twist unveils his Million Dollar Intro Theme for the podcast, and the boys learn more than they care to while reading fan E-mails. Write to us at ihavefeltlikethis@yahoo.com

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April 28, 2021

A Good Tip for Ghosts

Your Accredited Australians have reached episode three! If this were a Rove show they’d be cancelled by now, so we’re celebrating our non-cancellation in that most Australian of ways: getting other people to do our work for us. That’s right, ANSWER THE QUESTION by emailing us at ihavefeltlikethis@yahoo.com with your episode-inspired stories so we can read them on air and laugh at someone else for a change. Meanwhile, the Twists use drooling bovine skull child abuse to get a senior citizen’s dental work done in a remarkably prescient comment on proposed NDIS changes.

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April 2, 2021


 Episode aired 11 April 1989
Nell is hospitalized when she claims to have been attacked by a dragon. While Mr Gribble takes advantage of her absence to try to reclaim her cottage, the Twist family set out to find the dragon.

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