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Were you born in the early 80s or early 90s? Does the sight of a freckled ginger child remind you of the paranormal? Does the mere mention of a lighthouse get a song stuck in your head? If so, you may have been exposed to dangerous levels of the children’s television program “Round the Twist”. Join Accredited Australians Aaron Costello and Gabriel Morton on a quest to rewatch the whole series and finally answer if they have, in fact, ever felt like this.

May 20, 2022

Pink Bowtie

AUSTRALIA! The result of Eng-Land’s finest phrenology-based class science, it is now home to the globe’s premier examples of the criminal browline and ne’er-do-well sphenoid. Today’s episode delights the criminal glands, which is the most your Unaccredited Australians, Aaron and Gabe, can hope for since their de-accreditation has made all crime illegal. It centres on two fellows of pristine criminal countenance liberating paper money and a valuable science machine from the state, only to be stymied by some degenerate children and the mysterious machine itself. Is there a naked teenage boy in this episode? Does Bronson kill things and wear them as socks? Are you going to finish that? All this, letters from our nitwits, and the reminder that Patronage keeps us from stealing your things are contained within.

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